Filthy Mia Blond and Jenna Lovely are licking each other's twats and moaning from pleasure all the time

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 3 546 Submitted: 5 months ago
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Description: Jenna Lovely and Mia Blond definitely live up to their names in this kinky yet sensual My-Fetish lesbo update. Jenna Lovely, porn star extraordinaire, is all tied up and blindfolded and has no idea what's about to go down, and her experience only intensifies when she hears Mia walk up. It goes far beyond that, however, because Mia has a purse full of goodies, and after taunting the still blindfolded Jenny with her dildo she then cuts her pantyhose just enough to get to her pink pussy and violate it with her glass dildo! The seduction only continues from there, and eventually the tables are turned and Mia gets her fill of pleasure (and her pussy filled) by a very turned on and dripping wet Jenny! High quality and sensual with a twist, knows how to class it up like no one else!