Enticing chicks are licking each other's fannies until they all cum

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Description: These wacky WaM chicks are back with another messy-as-fuck game in the Allwam pit of mud, and this time they've lost their minds completely! For such high fashion hotties to subject themselves to such sloppiness must mean they're the coolest chicks around, or at the very least, goo freaks with strong libidos and childhood playground fantasies that they never grew out of! Whatever the case may be, these adventurous cuties are trying their hardest to push an object from one side of the mud pit to the other, with their noses of course, all the while having to keep hold of a ball behind their backs. Even the best player is nothing short of covered in our slop by the end, with clothing and make-up completely ruined. But hey, it was all worth it for the love of the game and the thrill of the WaM!