Sugary Mellie knows how to turn Dionne Darling's dreams into reality every single time they fuck

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Description: Today we've got a special Allwam update for you, a more intimate version of our mud wrestling scenes, because this time after the "clean up" and everybody went home, these two babes decided that they would take it upon themselves to have their own mud fun just among themselves! Seeing as how these Eurobabes are such huge mess freaks they actually take it upon themselves to slime around in the mud before any wrestling action even begins! No matter though, when the mood is right they make contact and the real mud splattering silliness begins between these two fully clothed satin freaks. By the end of this baby these two ridiculous ladies are completely covered in filth, and while they absolutely love the feeling of squishy toes and plastered hair they also love the intimate shower process, which is coming in an update near you very soon...