Playful Viktoria Sweet and Gina Killmer are gently licking each other's gashes

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 3 954 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
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Description: Gina Killmer and her sexy little friend Viktoria Sweet have just come home after some high-end shopping only to find themselves stuck outside under the pouring rain and getting their outfits and bags completely soaked while her absent minded little friend searches for her keys. Eventually they get inside, but they're already totally soaked, and Gina is definitely not happy that some of her new things may be ruined. In an attempt to calm down Gina starts a shower, and as she does with her crazy self she gets in fully clothed, loving the feel of wetness soaking through her, only she likes to do it on her terms! Feeling better once the shower starts, Gina is in a much better mood and realizes that she'd much rather get into some wetlook sensuality with her cute as hell friend than to scold her, so she washes her friend's hair and from there they go all out wetlook in the shower, with Gina also getting her hair washed and both of them getting off from all the wetlook fun until it's time to make out hardcore with their wet selves!