Skilled Jordan Verwest wanted to start making erotic scenes but first she had to satisfy Gina Killmer

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Description: It really doesn't get any more sensual and just plain erotic than this wet and messy lesbo scene between Gina and Jordan, as they're both sexy as hell and truly into all things wet and messy. Jordan starts off blindfolded, getting her fully clothed self covered in soap by Gina as she rubs the suds into her outfit and over Jordan's large breasts. Jordan gets to return the favor, of course, as lesbian Gina loves having her breasts rubbed down in soap as they cling to her white top, which lets her nipples poke through beautifully. Eventually the blindfold comes off and these Eurobabes come into their own, covering themselves and the floor in gooey soap and rubbing each other down from head to toe! Gina gets so excited she has to rub her panties and breasts in ecstasy - this is real, sincere lesbian messy action, and that can only result in a hot as fuck, sensual scene!