Delightful floosies are licking each other's cunnies and enjoying every single second of it

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Description: The adorable young Mila Dark takes on the sexy and seductive Lucy Cornet star in this messy orange gel match. These cuties might look young innocent and sexy in the silk, satin, and leather clothes, but as soon as the match starts, these “innocent” babes instantly become fierce tigers ready to claw the shit out of one another. The gong is hit and in the blink of an eye, Mila in on her ass in the muck, knocked down by a quick hard shove from Lucy, who follows in right after her going right for the jugular...well, the jugs anyway. From then on it's a pretty even match both babes battling for leverage and for a good grip on each other's clothes, trying to get the other one naked before they are. During a break they decide to make it more interesting by offering one of the sexy bystanders money to get in there herself to see if she can get their clothes off. It's gets even crazier before this messy match is over so don't miss it, get inside now!