Aroused Stacy Snake and Cameron Cruise like to play with each other while no one else may see them

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Description: Stacy (36 mins). When a model can't speak English I can have a big problem communicating with them. I knew I had a Russian doll coming to see me today so I enlisted the help of an old friend who spoke Russian and Hungarian in a bid to see if I could get to know her more intimately during a fake casting shoot. When she turned up I knew I had to have her, she was simply stunning. A petite woman who was slim, slender and looked devastatingly beautiful. She was almost good enough to eat and that's one thing I had my mind set on. It didn't take long and with a translator I didn't beat around the bush, after a warm up and enticement speech she was soon naked and posing for casting photos. She was eager enough to do the video and I think she was a little turned on herself. I got rid of my friend so we could have an intimate party on the couch. She slid into kissing me in almost no time at all and we writhing all over each other like naked snakes. I began to finger fuck her to orgasms and she was soon bellowing out in ecstasy as her orgasm built and built before unleashing itself before my eyes. Such a sexy girl. Then it was my turn and she was not shy in returning the orgasm, she licked and sucked on my pussy until I couldn't hold it any longer and let my own orgasm consume me. What an amazingly sexy casting and what a sexy Russian doll she was, I only found out when I was reviewing the footage that as she's licking my pussy she was fingering herself as well. That is one super sexy horny girl, I would love to do a second casting with her.