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Description: Cayla (46 mins). There has definitely been a shortage of 18 year old girls on my casting couch and in my office so it was a lovely surprise when the beautiful Cayla strolled into my life. Cayla was a blonde, petite 18 year old with a fantastic figure and a pleasant personality. She had come to my office as she wanted to shoot hardcore porn with guys and wanted to see if I could get her any work. She said she was not interested in shooting with girls and if I was to have any sexual gratification with this frisky blonde I'd have to change her views and mind on not working with girls. Ia lso found out then that she never had an orgasm and this was challenge I could not refuse. I talked her round into doing a casting with me and it wasn't long before I was nestled between her legs lapping and playing with her clit and pussy. I spent a long time delivering wave after wave of pleasure to her and then it was my turn. I got her into position finally and then straddled her face, for someone that had not been with girls before she showed remarkable skills at licking my pussy. I soon had a very intense personal moment and it was time to send this feisty 18 year old packing so I could get on with the rest of the days interviews. A great casting with a hot blonde.