Ambitious Cameron Cruise is getting tang licked by Becky Stevens and enjoying it a lot

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Description: Becky (40 mins). Becky was a treat for me to have in my casting room, a very pretty and bubbly girl who was already very curious about being with another woman. She told me a sweet tale and as soon as I got the first kiss in she opened up to me like a flower at dawn. She had a very pretty pussy, and I drank from it hungrily, nothing tastes sweeter to me then a young woman's pussy, it's one of the main reasons I do this so I can get regular no strings sex. But back to Becky, a delicious body and talented fingers, she brought me to climax quite quickly and I think she will be quite a hit in the future if she finds a real agent. To summarize, a beautiful girl with perky breasts, a delicious personality and a pussy that tastes like the sweetest apple in Eden.