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Description: Zara (34 mins). Zara is blessed with the body of a goddess. A very pretty woman with an amazing set of natural tits, a slim body and an ass like a peach. I knew that she used to model but I hadn't seen her around for a while and she told me she had been doing webcam work and now wanted to get back into modelling. As we were chatting I couldn't take my eyes off her incredible rack that was bulging out of her top and I began to fantasize about getting them out and sucking on her nipples. I was getting very excited at this point but I kept my cool as I thought she might be problematic to get a free casting out of as she is an experienced model. My fears were for naught, she was very happy to do a casting and when I filmed her licking my pussy with expert strokes of her tongue, I got a suspicion that she was doing this just for the pure enjoyment. She is an expert pussy licker and had me writhing as she lapped at my labia, the shots I got on the camera have to be seen to be believed. Then it was my turn to taste a piece of Zara's pussy. I had her straddle my face and I licked hungrily at her pussy. She tasted divine, and was damper then a mermaids tail. I licked her to orgasm and then we shared a kiss to taste ourselves in what was quite a special moment together. Sometimes I wish these girls could come back for a second casting, but no-one would be fooled twice. I just have to set them free, I'm sure she'll find work with her talents.