Two wanton divas took off their clothes and got down and dirty with each other

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Description: Keira (33 mins). I woke up this morning and my pussy was soaking wet, so it didn't matter who came through my office door for a casting today, they were going to be seduced and devoured. When Keira walked in my hungry eyes took in her slim figure and her pretty face and I knew she was going to be perfect for me. Let the seduction and deception commence. Keira had always dreamed of being a model and I could tell from the passion in her eyes that this girl would do just about anything to achieve that dream. So I introduced her to the idea of erotica, lacing this concept with tales of double pay, easy work and the possibility of traveling to foreign countries. I could see the inner turmoil as she wanted everything I offered but was till unsure of doing erotica. When she said she wouldn't know what to do, I offered to show her and I walked over to her and began to softly kiss her. Our tongues danced in each others mouths and I felt her body relax. When I pulled back she said that it seemed easy and she'd like to try more. Success, this pretty woman was all mine and we spent the next few minutes with our bodies entwined on the sofa, bringing each other to some sensual and amazing orgasms. Even afterwards as we lay there consumed with pleasure, I didn't want to let her go just yet, so I suggested we shower together. No cameras in there though unfortunately, but you can take it from me that it was very wet and very hot.