Sweet darlings are doing it once in a while in front of the camera

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Description: Debbie (33 mins). I've always had a wet spot for blondes and Debbie was no exception. As soon as she walked in I felt the familiar twinges of desire erupt in my panties. She was completely new to the business and said she was curious about it and wanted to give it a try. When I asked her what type of work she was interested in doing she said solo mainly and my pussy wilted in disappointment. I tried to gloss over it and soon had her agreeing to do a casting video for me, but again she wanted to just do a solo. Well, I'll take a blonde masturbating in front me over a blonde not masturbating in front of me any day of the week, so I agreed that she could do a solo video. It wasn't long before her inexperience was shining through and she looked slightly awkward. Then she surprised me by saying it would be easier if I helped her and showed her what to do. My clothes were off in a flash and I was soon sitting next to her naked and stroking my wet sex. I asked her for a kiss and was again surprised as we shared a kiss. I was soon lost in my own world of lust and pleasure as we both masturbated together, I occasionally slipped my hand over for a squeeze of her breast. It wasn't long before we were both cumming and grinding ourselves into the sofa. I was still wet and horny though so I decided we should get on our knees and masturbate again. There is some beautiful imagery captured of both of us with out succulent asses in the air as we wank together once more. So whilst I didn't get to taste that delicious looking pussy, it's still always a pleasure to wank alongside a stunning looking girl and it was a very horny casting, with the smell of our juices in the air spurring me on to get another orgasm in. Maybe I should call her back and convince her to do a girl/girl scene with me. Still, a great casting and a change is as good as a rest as the saying goes.