Nude Becca Diamond lets Mila Blaze join for a nice muff dive

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Description: Fetish Network loves Becca Diamond! This hot muscle MILF has given us great hardcore BDSM and rope bondage content. We do think she's met her match: sexy, cool yet mean Mistresses Brooklyn Daniels and Mila Blaze. The last time we saw this lesbian domination threesome, Becca Diamond was left tied to horizontal posts after a brutal double penetration sex slave training session. There was plenty of slobber, tit slapping, hair pulling and spanking. Of course the duo also had their big black strapon dildos with them. Guess what. Becca Diamond is still here. They never let her go. She's been tied to a crate with more rope, clit pump sealed on. We love making her fat clit bigger and too sensitive to touch. It's too bad her Mistresses want to do more than just touch. Our Diamond needs more training. Polish, some might say. That's what she does for the big black rubber dicks stuffed deep down her throat, down to her lungs, fucked rough past her tingling clit into her pussy. Mila and Brooklyn hold nothing back for the muscle Queen. They untie and flip her around. Becca wants to fight back, but she's so tired and weak. The orgasms keep her in place for her Mistresses use and desires. Becca even answers to slut, whore and dirty bitch, reciting it when told. She's so obedient. No reason the dicks on a stick shouldn't join the fun. The duo pull Diamond onto the mattress, rope binding her wrists and breasts. Mila and Brooklyn have fun pushing Becca around, one holding her legs spread eagle so the other can pound a dildo, whether it be a strapon or on a stick, black or white, four fingers and more, she takes it all. This cougar sub slut can hardly move, enduring everything to please her Masters.