Glamour ladies are playing a game and touching each other in a very naughty way

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Description: Every once in a while, we will get a patient like Valerie Fox who isn't comfortable getting naked or discussing "women's matters" with Doctor George, and I'll have to step in. Valerie told me that her pussy was swollen during sex, and that she wasn't able to enjoy herself when she wanted to be intimate. But when I asked how her boyfriend was handling this sexual dysfunction, she told me that it was actually a girlfriend, because she's a lesbian! That was music to my ears, because if I have any specialty, it's bringing women to orgasm. I told Valerie to take her pants off and get on my table with her legs spread, so I could touch her with two fingers. Her clit was swollen and plump, and you could see her melt as I gave her a handjob. After Valerie came once, she was horny to fool around and give me pleasure, she fingered me from behind until I came!