A pair of extraordinary floozies licks each other

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Description: Ennie (22 mins). Ennie is a vision of beauty, my face lit up like a Christmas tree when she strolled into my web, I mean office. Young, stunning and with a figure I just had to get my hands on, she immediately confessed to wanting to do girl/girl porn and having a penchant for the taste of pussy. Within minutes I had removed her clothes and told her I needed to test her. She seemed a little hesitant at first but I built up the sexual tension, slowly stroking and caressing her pert breasts from behind before easing her panties down to her ankles and widening her stance so I cloud slip a hand inside her slick tight folds. I told her that I needed to test the sensitivity of her clit and before she knew what was happening I was sucking and fingering her incredibly tight wet hole. It wasn't long before she climaxed in beautiful orgasm, her body tightening as the throes of pleasure consumed her. I was completely turned on and aching for my own orgasm by now so told her it was now my turn to test her. We moved onto the couch and after a little coaching she was soon bringing me to my own amazing orgasm. I gripped her hair and buried her face into my succulent honey hole as I was overtaken by waves of pleasure, crashing on my labia shore and coursing through my body like a lightening bolt. A beautiful casting, one of my best to date and I wish I could have given her some work, but being a fake agent doesn't quite work that way. Enjoy the video, I know I enjoyed making it.