Glamour Sharon Pink and Jenna Lovely got an idea to make love with each other

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Description: Jenna Lovely and Sharon Pink were just hanging out with their sexy blonde selves in the club's VIP room, admiring their outfits and Sharon's huge tits popping out of her top, when fashionable Vanessa walks in with some hot lesbo material for them all to watch and learn from! After all three blondies get some "inspiration" from an Orgasmatics scene and the toys make an appearance it's go-time, meaning Vanessa puts her ass in the air and gets some dildo attention deep down her pink pussy, with both other babes following suit and getting pussy penetrated in some incredibly hot and fashionable lesbo threesome action! You gotta love fashion-conscience babes going hard and showing us all just how much fun blondes can have, but they're not content with just some dildo action, because this party's not over until all three babes get their turn in golden showering their two VIP friends! Vanessa starts us off, then Jenna, and then Sharon finishes them off, making sure all three of them are completely soaked in their sexy outfits and smelling up the entire VIP area! Pisss lesbos know how to work it!