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Description: Kettie (41 mins). I love red heads and Kettie reminded me of an old girlfriend I'd had a crush on for years but never got my hands or tongue on. Kettie had not worked in the business long and we babbled on about her situation with her boyfriend and her pets, but the whole time I was wondering what her pussy would look like, if she was shaved and how she tasted, what noises would she make when I fucked her with my face. I gave her the usual lines about traveling and all the money she'd make, sold her the dream and when she said she had money problems I knew she was mine for the taking. After seeing her fabulous body during the photo shoots (she was shaved in case you were wondering), I told her I need to see her in action and the I brought out the big boy for her. My strap on dildo. I made her suck the length of it before I put it on and took her doggy style. She had some excellent moves and watching the length of my 'dick' glide between her pussy lips turned me on so much I began to get soaking wet. Her ass was a white porcelain object of perfection that I had an amazing view of from doggy but I wanted to fuck her even deeper so I adopted the spooning position. I fucked her to orgasm and her cries of pleasure made me hotter then a goat in a pepper patch. I made her put the strap on dildo on and then I rode it to my own amazing orgasm. A great casting that's got me horny just remembering and writing about it. Maybe the best girl I've had on the couch yet!