Hot-tempered Mila Blaze knows how to keep Lexy Villa satisfied and coming back for more

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Description: The last time we saw the trio Brooklyn Daniels, Lexy Villa and Mila Blaze, they just finished a lesbian domination threesome. Wonder who was the slutty BDSM sub? Brooklyn Daniels ended up serving her new Mistresses, punishment for betraying her fellow Strapon Squad members. Well, she hasn't left yet. She's still tied up in the dungeon. She's has one more article of clothing on: shiny white pantyhose. It looks great against her smooth milky skin. Her arms are chained spread eagle, her neck chained to her knees. Mila and Lexy enter, ready to train and use her some more. Lexy shoves her big black strapon dildo deep down Daniels throat as Mila spanks and tickles Brooklyn's ass. Brooklyn can't focus, slapped and zapped with the electro wand. Both Mistresses want to stuff her with more rubber cock, untying her from the post to hooking her wrists up on the wall. They raise her legs and pound in their dicks on a stick up her pussy, making her take it raw and rough, shoving another down her throat, making her gag and cum over and over, a new type of double penetration for the books. If she doesn't keep her other leg stiff on the floor, she will hang from her wrists, rubber cock propelled deeper into her holes. She's becoming a good little sub bondage slut sex slave, begging for more dick and apologizing for whore-ish deeds. Wondering if she learned her lesson? You have to come back and the latest clip. Maybe Brooklyn will be in it.