Mouthwatering Nessa Devil and Donna Joe took off their clothes and started making love

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Description: These bitches are bad and black and they've come to show it! Nessa Devil is looking like the Queen of the Night in her all black getup, including a knee-length fur coat and long, high-heeled boots, and her hair bunned back in a way that'll let you know she means business on black latex babe Donna Joe - and she sure as hell does mean hardcore business! First these babes get sensual with each others clothes, rubbing away until they just have to start pushing the clothes away and even ripping away Nessa's scarf before she pulls out the Magic Wand vibrator and shows Donna who's in charge! Donna's a tough chick, but her clit simply can't take all the intensity that is Orgasmatics! Lucky for her, Nessa's a horny freak, so when she's done her damage she sits back, spreads her leg, and demands that Donna buzz her through her tight pants! Badass in black and ready to show it!