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Description: Dr. Jane is a sex therapist that is renowned for her heeling abilities. Even celebrities come to her to help them solve their most intimate problems. Today, Ivana has been lucky enough to score an appointment with the renowned doctor. Her problem, though simple, is a problem that many women around the world suffer from – that is, the inability to have a satisfactory orgasm. Thankfully, Dr. Jane knows exactly how to go about fixing the problem. Dr. Jane strongly believes that women should be entitled not just to one measly orgasm – but to multiple orgasms, every time they have sex. And she intends to show Ivana exactly how to go about doing this. She brings out a few select items from her extensive dildo collection and proceeds to loosen her patient’s pussy with these vibrators and dongs. Ivana gets so turned on that she returns the favor on Dr. Jane’s twat! Starring Suzy Black and Jennifer Love.