Sensational Mariah Milano and Brianna Ray are using their time to give pleasure to each other

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Description: Life is tough when you are a hot MILF. We have appearances to keep, kids to cater to, husbands to keep happy and home making is always a present priority. Thats why we need to get MILF time. Since it was nice out Kristen, Mariah and I went to the pool and did a little sunbathing. We went from water world to margarittaville in a hurry though. Sitting by the pool and making our local voyuers hot is hard work. After refreshments it was straight to pussyville on the express train. Mariah has an incredible body...Tan Tight, big boobed and tight assed. This was possiblythe most asstastic day I can remember. Between the three of us shaking booty in bikinis, we were all wet and fat pussied before we even got to licking! Its amazing how relaxing high impact pussy licking and dildoing can be.