Delightful Eliss Fire and Welli are gently making love with each other

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Description: Eliss Fire has been given the very undesirable job of cleaning up the bathroom by her employer Welli, as she thinks she's way too much of a sexy Eurobabe for such work, but she gives a half-hearted wipe-down of the sink and urinals before Welli comes back in to inspect her job. Welli is not very satisfied, but the mood changes when they see a cock sticking out of a gloryhole, and soon enough they're sucking the cock and getting very friendly with each other! After they work it for a bit the cock starts spewing absurd amounts of cum, totally rendering Eliss' work useless, but they could care less about cleanliness once they're nice and covered in stickiness and rubbing each others pussies! This bathroom is going to need the full scrub-down after this insanity, but in the meantime these two sexy lesbos are gonna go with it and get as lesbo messy as they can!!