Worshipped Vivien adores making love with Carmen Croft

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Description: Sometimes Vivien and her ego can be a bit bitchy, in this case giving make-up girl Carmen Croft a tough time about her job, but when it comes down to it Vivien's bitchiness is usually a front for her horniness, and she won't really be satisfied in this beauty salon until she gets a taste of Carmen's mega jugs and juicy pussy! And wouldn't you know it, both of these beautifully dressed ass spreading babes are equipped with dildos and aren't afraid to use them! They may look elegant with fresh make-up, high heels, fur, satin, and the works, but when they get a chance to express their true selves it involves a lot of tit play and licking anywhere and everywhere they can! Dildo pounded while looking a million bucks is a beautiful thing, and it only gets better when these two deviants piss all over each other! To hell with the fresh make-up job, Vivien and Carmen golden shower all over each others heads, soaking their hair and running right down their faces and onto their fancy clothes! After that they make-out and suck down each others piss soaked tongues!!