Two divine gals are making love with each other and using their fingers just for fun

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Description: This executive babe stopped in for a cocktail after work, 'hold the cock', because this chick-loving, silk-and-satin-wearing power-bitch likes her martini's dry and her pussies wet. So when she gets served by the most beautiful bartendress she's ever seen, decked out in a sexy silk blouse, she realizes she has to have her. When the drink comes she's not even interested in tasting it, and would rather sip her bartender's cunt juice instead. She starts things off with some playfully flirting fondling and before you can say "Harvey Wallbanger" the babes are up to each other's necks in each other's pussies. Licking, sucking, and fingerfucking, this update's got it all, so get in now, before these babes get off without you!