Gorgeous gfs are having fun with each other

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Description: Iris and Jersie are two fun-loving girls to say the least, but when their new 4-wheelin' friend D.R.E.S. blatantly blasts them with mud, covering their entire bodies and expensive satin blouses and designer shoes, they're understandably a bit upset. As D.R.E.S. rides away with a big smile on his face, the girls are so flabbergasted that they start taking their anger out on each other, fighting it out in the mud. It doesn't take long, however, for D.R.E.S. to return, and this guy really has all the necessary toys to have a good time. In this case, a fucking water cannon, and he's got the two beauties in his sites. At first Iris and Jersie are unsure about taking more abuse, but when they see that it's blasting away the mud and feels damn good at the same time, they really get into it and start taking off their clothes and literally soaking up this new, exciting WaM experience - all is forgiven!