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Description: Mike's got a pocketful of bucks and a nutsack full of jizz and is lookin' to get TYRANNIZED. He heads down to the local dominatrix hooker hotspot and finds Michelle. She takes him to her place where her friend Dora is waiting to lend a helping hand. They tie him up, blindfold him, whip him with a cat-o-nine, and then ball gag him...and that 's just the beginning. After a bunch more playful torture, the two vixens turn him around and make him bend over, strap on dildos and then stick him like a pig on a spit! This is definitely more than Mike bargained for, but unfortunately he can't call out his safety word, because he's got a fat black dildo caught in his throat. Turned on by all the dirty debasement, the two girls have a little lesbo love fest before ditching their bitch boy to pick up their next trick.