Mischievous maidens are spending great time by helping each other's climax

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Description: Muddied up doesn't even begin to describe how these two beautiful, young blondes come out of this mud wrestling match! It's a pity, too, because they start out so fresh and shiny in their lovely satin blouses, but within minutes of hurling each other around the mud pit to the sound of high-pitched, crazed cheering, they're both completely covered in that Allwam specialty: MUD, and plenty of it! No one in the room is safe from the mud splatter going on as they slip and slide around the ring, but all of our beautifully dressed hotties are well aware of the risk when taking part in Allwam's ridiculously wet and messy games, and what's more, we're definitely going to be dragging some of their asses into the mud! Have fun watching the mud wrestlers while you can, ladies, because soon enough your asses are gonna get WaM trashed!