Enticing Donna Joe and Gina Killmer are giving pleasure to each other every once in a while

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Description: Donna Joe has been a bad girl and hasn't done her work for Catholic school because she's still in vacation mode and wants to play, and while her lovely teacher Gina Killmer is disappointed that her student has failed her, she's more than happy to "play"! Gina has the perfect idea, and lots of gooey gel to make it a reality! Donna is surprised at first that her God fearing teacher would be so naughty, but Gina came prepared in a white blouse, knowing her big tits would beautifully pop through once she got wet with her juicy student! Donna and Gina are absolutely gorgeous in this wet and messy Allwam update, and by the end of this baby the entire place is gelled up and these babes are slipping and sliding all over each others sexy bodies! Incredibly messy and sexy!!