Seductive Adel Sunshine is giving a nice sex lesson to Lucy Bell

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Description: *** Note for all of our members! We had a long term member, Lars, from Denmark, request to direct a scene for us in order to fulfill one of his fantasies! We think he did a great job with these amazing Eurobabes and very soon we will be offering this service to any of our members that want to get more involved and try their hand at adult film-making!! The following is the scenario as he wanted it: You certainly can't blame these three incredibly sexy and satin-fashionable babes for cutting out with the formalities and just going for some lesbo threesome sensuality, because Cindy Dollar, Lucy Bell, and Sunshine are absolutely to die for, and they can't see any good reason to keep their hands off each each other! This fully clothed lesbo sex is all about the satin sensation, the sensual rubdown on that elegant material that turns these three pussies dripping wet without even needing to dip beneath the surface! These chicks are all over their blouses, ass tight pants, and stockings, because they know the power of the satin is where the real pleasure comes from, and when you rub those pussies beneath and above the fabric the sensation is one that makes all of these experienced lesbos quiver at the knees and titillates their whole bodies! This is what fully clothed lesbo fucking is all about! *** Let us know now if you're interested in coming out and directing your own scene!!!